An interim is a period of time between one event and another, maybe the interim between the arrival of your party guests and the cleanup you have to do after they leave.

If you use this word, you will be speaking Latin, since interim is a Latin adverb meaning "in the meantime." The first part, inter, is also Latin, and means "between." Knowing this, you can figure out a lot of words. Some of your party guests will interact well, and some will argue. If your principal leaves the school, you might have an interim principal––someone who keeps the school running while a new principal is interviewed and hired.

Definitions of interim

n the time between one event, process, or period and another

lag, meantime, meanwhile
the time between two reigns, governments, etc.
Type of:
interval, time interval
a definite length of time marked off by two instants

adj serving during an intermediate interval of time

“an interim agreement”
impermanent, temporary
not permanent; not lasting

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