To inhale is to breathe in. It is the opposite of "exhale," which is to breathe out.

When we inhale, we draw air into our lungs through our noses and mouths. Then we exhale, or breathe the air out again. If we do this slowly, as in yoga or meditation, it can be quite relaxing. However, some things like smoke, toxic fumes, or germs might make us sick if we inhale them. And if we accidentally inhale water while we're swimming, it makes us sputter and cough. This is because our lungs are only interested in good, clean air.

Definitions of inhale

v draw deep into the lungs by breathing

“Clinton smoked marijuana but never inhaled
Type of:
inhale and exhale smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes

v draw in (air)

Inhale deeply”
inhale the fresh mountain air”
breathe in, inspire
breathe out, exhale, expire
expel air
show 6 types...
hide 6 types...
suck in (air)
sniff, sniffle
inhale audibly through the nose
snivel, snuffle
snuff up mucus through the nose
inhale audibly through the nose
drag, draw, puff
suck in or take (air)
huff, snort
inhale recreational drugs
Type of:
breathe, respire, suspire, take a breath
draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs

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