Call something inclusive when it's designed or inclined to include. An exclusive club might let you in, but an inclusive one will ask you to join, no strings attached.

Inclusive is an adjective with several meanings: It can be used to describe something that's broad or extensive, such as thorough, inclusive research project. Or it describes a group that's particularly welcoming to all kinds of people. And an inclusive range is one where the limits are included along with what lies in between: a survey of “20-40 year-olds, inclusive” tells us 20 and 40 year-olds were counted, too.

Definitions of inclusive
  1. adjective
    including much or everything; and especially including stated limits
    “an inclusive art form”
    “an inclusive fee”
    “his concept of history is modern and inclusive
    “from Monday to Friday inclusive
    broad in scope
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    excluding much or all; especially all but a particular group or minority
    alone, only
    exclusive of anyone or anything else
    exclusive to a center; especially a center of influence
    inner, inside, privileged
    confined to an exclusive group
    characterized by very careful or fastidious selection
    denoting a company or law firm owned and run by members of the WASP elite who are generally conservative
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