When one thing is in another, it is surrounded by or within it, the way chocolate chips are in a bowl of cookie batter.

In is a word with many different uses. A child can be in a sandbox, and a teenager can be in love. You can sit in your car, or say to a friend, "See you in an hour!" An actor might be in a film, while your dad tells people he's in publishing, and both live in New York City. If your clothes are in, they're stylish, and if you're locked in your room, you're confined inside it.

Definitions of in
  1. adverb
    to or toward the inside of
    “come in
    “smash in the door”
    synonyms: inward, inwards
  2. adjective
    directed or bound inward
    “took the in bus”
    “the in basket”
    arriving at a place or position
  3. noun
    a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
    synonyms: inch
    see moresee less
    type of:
    linear measure, linear unit
    a unit of measurement of length
  4. adjective
    currently fashionable
    “the in thing to do”
    “large shoulder pads are in
    fashionable, stylish
    being or in accordance with current social fashions
  5. adjective
    holding office
    “the in party”
    having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome
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