An imbroglio is a complicated or confusing personal situation. To rephrase the J. Geils band song, "Love Stinks," if you love her and she loves him and he loves somebody else, you've got quite an imbroglio.

Although an imbroglio is a tangled situation or a messy complicated misunderstanding, its history is just the opposite, clear as a bell. Imbroglio is just a borrowed word from Italian meaning "entanglement." If something embarrassing happens at a public event, such as a mishap during the musical performances at the Super Bowl, it is sometimes called an imbroglio.

Definitions of imbroglio

n an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation

Type of:
a complex or critical or unusual difficulty

n a very embarrassing misunderstanding

Type of:
misinterpretation, mistaking, misunderstanding
putting the wrong interpretation on

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