An idyll is a short period in which everything is wonderful. You could say a cruise you took with your family was an idyll in an otherwise difficult year.

In its more formal sense, idyll describes a pastoral interlude or a poem set in nature — an idealized, or idyllic, version of nature where you are drinking champagne under the apple trees, and no one has stepped in cow manure or walked through poison ivy.

Definitions of idyll
  1. noun
    a short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life
    synonyms: bucolic, eclogue, idyl
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    type of:
    a literary work idealizing the rural life (especially the life of shepherds)
  2. noun
    a musical composition that evokes rural life
    synonyms: idyl, pastoral, pastorale
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    type of:
    composition, musical composition, opus, piece, piece of music
    a musical work that has been created
  3. noun
    an episode of such pastoral or romantic charm as to qualify as the subject of a poetic idyll
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    type of:
    a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events
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