Horticulture is a nice long word for "gardening." If you study horticulture, you learn about plant propagation, soil, fertilizer — everything that makes a good garden.

The word horticulture was coined in the late 17th century — when some serious gardens were being planned and executed in England — and is based on the Latin word for "garden," hortus, combined with the suffix -culture, mostly likely in the same way as the word agriculture.

Definitions of horticulture
  1. noun
    the cultivation of plants
    synonyms: gardening
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    landscape gardening, landscaping
    working as a landscape gardener
    market gardening
    the growing of vegetables or flowers for market
    floriculture, flower gardening
    the cultivation of flowering plants
    type of:
    agriculture, farming, husbandry
    the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock
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