horse sense

If your teacher tells you that you have horse sense, consider it a compliment. People with horse sense are smart and practical and can be counted on to make good decisions.

Word experts aren't certain if the expression horse sense comes from the typical personality of horses themselves, calm and prudent, or from the idea that people who are very skilled in working with horses have a kind of horse sense. Either way, it's a colloquial phrase from the late 1800's that's still used fairly often today.

Definitions of horse sense
  1. noun
    sound practical judgment
    synonyms: common sense, good sense, gumption, mother wit, sense
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    reasoned and reasonable judgment
    common sense
    road sense
    good judgment in avoiding trouble or accidents on the road
    type of:
    discernment, judgement, judgment, sagaciousness, sagacity
    the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations
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