Hope is something that you want to happen, like your hope to visit Paris this summer, or the feeling that good things will come. If you make it to the final round of a tournament, that gives you hope.

Hope can also be a verb that means "strive for or wish," as in your hope to become a doctor someday. To hope is to want something to happen, but if instead you said that you intend to become a doctor, that suggests becoming a doctor is more of a goal than a dream. Hope, on the other hand, is more emotional. In fact, some scholars believe it's linked in meaning to hop, in that someone who hopes "leaps in expectation."

Definitions of hope
  1. noun
    the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled
    “in spite of his troubles he never gave up hope
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    the feeling that everything is wrong and nothing will turn out well
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    the feeling you have when you have hope
    the feeling of being encouraged
    the optimistic feeling that all is going to turn out well
    sanguineness, sanguinity
    feeling sanguine; optimistically cheerful and confident
    type of:
    the experiencing of affective and emotional states
  2. noun
    a specific instance of feeling hopeful
    “it revived their hope of winning the pennant”
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    type of:
    anticipation, expectancy
    an expectation
  3. noun
    grounds for feeling hopeful about the future
    synonyms: promise
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    an illusory hope
    type of:
    expectation, outlook, prospect
    belief about (or mental picture of) the future
  4. noun
    someone (or something) on which expectations are centered
    “he was their best hope for a victory”
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    great white hope, white hope
    someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field
    type of:
    individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul
    a human being
  5. noun
    one of the three Christian virtues
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    type of:
    supernatural virtue, theological virtue
    according to Christian ethics: one of the three virtues (faith, hope, and charity) created by God to round out the natural virtues
  6. verb
    expect and wish
    “I hope she understands that she cannot expect a raise”
    synonyms: desire, trust
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    type of:
    hope for; have a wish
  7. verb
    be optimistic; be full of hope; have hopes
    “I am still hoping that all will turn out well”
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    abandon hope; give up hope; lose heart
    type of:
    desire, want
    feel or have a desire for; want strongly
  8. verb
    intend with some possibility of fulfilment
    “I hope to have finished this work by tomorrow evening”
    synonyms: go for
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    type of:
    be after, plan
    have the will and intention to carry out some action
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