That colorful arc you sometimes see in the sky right after it stops raining? That's a rainbow.

The scientific explanation for a rainbow's appearance is that light is refracted in water droplets, briefly revealing the full visible spectrum of light — all of the colors that make it up. While there are actually about a hundred colors in the visible spectrum, we tend to describe a rainbow as having six or seven. In Old English, there were two words for this phenomenon: scurboga, or "shower-bow," proved to be less popular than renboga, "rain bow."

Definitions of rainbow
  1. noun
    an arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of the sun's rays by rain
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    type of:
    arc, bow
    something curved in shape
  2. noun
    an illusory hope
    “chasing rainbows
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    type of:
    hope, promise
    grounds for feeling hopeful about the future
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