A harangue is more than a speech, louder than a discussion, and nastier than a lecture. It is a verbal attack that doesn't let up, delivered as a verb or received as a noun. Either way, it's pretty unpleasant.

The word harangue developed its modern spelling around 1530, when the word was recorded as harangue in French. The word, meaning a strong, nasty rant, appears to have evolved from the Old Italian word aringa, probably from the word for a public square or place for public speaking. This in turn appears to have evolved from a Germanic word related to ring, as in "circular gathering," which is clearly similar to the Italian meaning.

Definitions of harangue
  1. noun
    a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
    synonyms: rant, ranting
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    a long monotonous harangue
    type of:
    vehement oratory
  2. verb
    deliver a harangue to; address forcefully
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    type of:
    address, speak
    give a speech to
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