A handler is someone whose job involves dealing with a particular object, like a baggage handler at the airport.

When you're responsible for handling or taking care of something, whether it's food or insurance claims, you're a handler. Other kinds of handlers manage people or animals — a dog handler is a type of trainer, for example. And some political advisors are also known as handlers: "The President had his handlers answer all the reporters' questions."

Definitions of handler
  1. noun
    an agent who handles something or someone
    “the senator's campaign handlers
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    type of:
    a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
  2. noun
    one who trains or exhibits animals
    synonyms: animal trainer
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    an animal trainer who tames wild animals
    type of:
    one who trains other persons or animals
  3. noun
    (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
    synonyms: coach, manager
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    John Joseph McGraw
    United States baseball player and manager (1873-1934)
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    baseball coach, baseball manager
    a coach of baseball players
    basketball coach
    a coach of basketball players
    a trainer of athletes
    football coach
    a coach of football players
    hockey coach
    a coach of hockey players
    tennis coach
    a coach of tennis players
    batting coach
    (baseball) someone who teaches batters how to bat better
    line coach
    an assistant football coach in charge of the linemen
    pitching coach
    an assistant baseball coach in charge of pitchers
    type of:
    one who trains other persons or animals
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