Definitions of halide

n a salt of any halogen acid

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any of the salts of hydrobromic acid; formerly used as a sedative but now generally replaced by safer drugs
a salt of hydrofluoric acid
a salt or ester of hydriodic acid
any salt of hydrochloric acid (containing the chloride ion)
any halide containing four halogen atoms in its molecules
boron trifluoride
a pungent colorless gas
K-Dur 20, K-lor, K-lyte, Kaochlor, Klorvess, potash muriate, potassium chloride, potassium muriate
salt of potassium (KCl) (trade names K-Dur 20, Kaochlor and K-lor and Klorvess and K-lyte); taken in tablet form to treat potassium deficiency
potassium iodide
a crystalline salt in organic synthesis and in making photographic emulsions and in iodized table salt
hydrogen bromide
a colorless gas that yields hydrobromic acid in solution with water
hydrogen fluoride
a colorless poisonous corrosive liquid made by the action of sulphuric acid on calcium fluoride; solutions in water are hydrofluoric acid
hydrogen iodide
a colorless gas that yields hydroiodic acid in aqueous solution
methyl bromide
a poisonous gas or liquid (CH3Br) used to fumigate rodents, worms, etc.
silver bromide
a bromide that darkens when exposed to light; used in making photographic emulsions
silver iodide
an iodide that is used in photography, in seeding clouds to make rain, and in medicine
stannous fluoride
a white powder that is used to fluoridate toothpaste
sodium iodide
a crystalline salt used like potassium iodide
sulfur hexafluoride, sulphur hexafluoride
a colorless gas that is soluble in alcohol and ether; a powerful greenhouse gas widely used in the electrical utility industry
Type of:
a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal)

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