1. hierarchy a series of ordered groupings within a system
  2. High Church a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority)
  3. hagiology literature narrating the lives (and legends) of the saints
  4. hackwork professional work done according to formula
  5. hierarch a person who holds a high position in a hierarchy
  6. haggard showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering
  7. Haggard British writer noted for romantic adventure novels
  8. Hogarth English artist noted for a series of engravings that satirized the affectations of his time (1697-1764)
  9. haggardly in a haggard manner
  10. oligarchy a political system governed by a few people
  11. hamartia the character flaw or error of a tragic hero
  12. huarache a sandal with flat heels and an upper of woven leather straps
  13. grouchy annoyed and irritable
  14. Karachi the largest city in Pakistan
  15. hagiography a biography that idealizes or idolizes the person
  16. hegari Sudanese sorghums having white seeds
  17. hegira a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment
  18. Hegira the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 which marked the beginning of the Muslim era; the Muslim calendar begins in that year
  19. harsh disagreeable to the senses
  20. oligarch member of a small group that runs a country, business, etc.

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