To figuratively grab or seize something is to glom onto it. A local newspaper might simply glom onto whatever stories the larger national papers are covering.

While you can also use glom to simply mean "steal," as when a pickpocket gloms your wallet in the subway, today we often use this verb to describe a kind of latching on to an idea, issue, or topic. If polls show most voters care about income inequality, every single candidate is likely to glom onto this theme in some way. The "steal" meaning is oldest, an American word borrowed from the Scottish glaum.

Definitions of glom
  1. verb
    seize upon or latch onto something
    “The Republicans glommed onto Whitewater”
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    type of:
    acquire, get
    come into the possession of something concrete or abstract
  2. verb
    take by theft
    synonyms: cop, hook, knock off, snitch, thieve
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    type of:
    take without the owner's consent
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