A cop is a police officer. If you realize you're speeding in a school zone, you might look around nervously, hoping you won't see a cop.

Cop is an informal, somewhat derogatory word for a police officer. When it's a verb, it means "to steal" or to "strike an attitude." An angry cop might say to a young troublemaker, "Hey, don't cop an attitude with me!" In the US, a legal defendant can also "cop a plea," or agree to a plea bargain. The earliest meaning of cop was "to catch," probably from the Latin capere, "to take."

Definitions of cop
  1. noun
    uncomplimentary terms for a policeman
    synonyms: bull, copper, fuzz, pig
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    type of:
    officer, police officer, policeman
    a member of a police force
  2. verb
    take by theft
    synonyms: glom, hook, knock off, snitch, thieve
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    type of:
    take without the owner's consent
  3. verb
    take into custody
    synonyms: apprehend, arrest, collar, nab, nail, pick up
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    type of:
    clutch, prehend, seize
    take hold of; grab
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