genetic mutation

Definitions of genetic mutation

n (genetics) any event that changes genetic structure; any alteration in the inherited nucleic acid sequence of the genotype of an organism

chromosomal mutation, mutation
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(genetics) the loss or absence of one or more nucleotides from a chromosome
(genetics) a kind of mutation in which the order of the genes in a section of a chromosome is reversed
(genetics) a kind of mutation in which a chromosomal segment is transfered to a new position on the same or another chromosome
gene mutation, point mutation
(genetics) a mutation due to an intramolecular reorganization of a gene
(genetics) a return to a normal phenotype (usually resulting from a second mutation)
(genetics) a mutation that drastically changes the phenotype of an organism or species
Type of:
alteration, change, modification
an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another

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