1. comestible suitable for use as food
  2. genus Dipus type genus of the Dipodidae
  3. juxtaposition the act of positioning close together
  4. mestizo a Latin American with both European and indigenous heritage
  5. chemist's a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold
  6. mestiza a woman of mixed racial ancestry
  7. domestic of or relating to the home
  8. James Tobin United States economist (1918-2002)
  9. games-mistress the teacher in charge of games at a school
  10. Kamasutra (Hinduism) an ancient Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure and love and marriage in accordance with Hindu law
  11. mesohippus North American three-toed Oligocene animal
  12. gemstone a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry
  13. Bemisia tabaci a strain of pest accidentally imported into Florida from the Middle East then spread to California where it is a very serious pest feeding on almost all vegetable crops and poinsettias
  14. Marie Stopes birth-control campaigner who in 1921 opened the first birth control clinic in London (1880-1958)
  15. sea steps ladder to be lowered over a ship's side for coming aboard
  16. Gem State a state in the Rocky Mountains
  17. Gambusia mosquitofish
  18. false topaz a yellow quartz
  19. chemistry the science of matter
  20. genus Tibicen harvest flies