foreign policy

A country's foreign policy is its set of rules and goals for interacting with other countries. Most foreign policy involves diplomatic discussions, but it can also mean going to war.

Around the world, every nation’s foreign policy has the ultimate goal of protecting and benefitting itself and its citizens politically and economically. In practice, foreign policy can include diplomatic tactics, military aggression, trade agreements, and foreign aid. Most countries have a foreign minister who oversees foreign policy; in the United States, this is the job of the Secretary of State.

Definitions of foreign policy
  1. noun
    a policy governing international relations
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    the policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)
    a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries
    interference, intervention
    a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries
    noninterference, nonintervention
    a foreign policy of staying out of other countries' disputes
    a policy of not initiating hostilities
    a policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations
    Monroe Doctrine
    an American foreign policy opposing interference in the western hemisphere from outside powers
    Truman doctrine
    President Truman's policy of providing economic and military aid to any country threatened by communism or totalitarian ideology
    a policy of neutrality or nonalignment in international affairs
    a foreign policy that defines the international interests of a country in terms of particular geographic areas
    national trading policy, trade policy
    a government's policy controlling foreign trade
    a policy of pacifying an enemy or potential enemy by making concessions
    manifest destiny
    a policy of imperialism rationalized as inevitable (as if granted by God)
    open door, open-door policy
    the policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries
    type of:
    a line of argument rationalizing the course of action of a government
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