Something forceful is strong and firm. A politician's forceful speech is self-assured and energetic, and it makes the audience sit up and take notice.

One meaning of forceful is all about physical strength: "The forceful throw carried the football past the goalposts." Another way to be forceful is to be emphatic or vehement: "The child's forceful refusal to go to bed could not be ignored by the sleepy babysitter." Forceful literally means "full of force," and force comes from the Latin fortis, "strong, firm, or steadfast."

Definitions of forceful
  1. adjective
    characterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical)
    “a forceful speaker”
    “a forceful personality”
    forceful measures”
    “a forceful plan for peace”
    brutally forceful and compelling
    forceful and extreme and rigorous
    emphatic, exclamatory
    sudden and strong
    firm, strong
    strong and sure
    forcible, physical, strong-arm
    impelled by physical force especially against resistance
    forcing forward or onward; impelling
    marked by violent force
    quick and forceful
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    forceless, unforceful
    lacking force; feeble
    wimpish, wimpy
    weak and ineffectual
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  2. adjective
    forceful and definite in expression or action
    synonyms: emphatic
    assertive, self-asserting, self-assertive
    aggressively self-assured
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