To flunk is to do poorly on a test or in a class. One way to avoid flunking is to start studying several nights before a test.

People have been flunking things ever since there were schools. However, we’ve only been calling it flunking since the 1800s. Originally, flunk could mean “to fail” or “to give up.” That’s a good reminder that sometimes, to avoid flunking, you just need to keep trying.

Definitions of flunk
  1. verb
    fail to get a passing grade
    synonyms: bomb, fail, flush it
    fall short in what is expected
    judge unacceptable
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    make it, pass
    go successfully through a test or a selection process
  2. noun
    failure to reach a minimum required performance
    “he got two flunks on his report”
    synonyms: failing
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    pass, passing, qualifying
    success in satisfying a test or requirement
    type of:
    an act that fails
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