To be fluent in something — like a language or an instrument — is to be able to use it smoothly and effortlessly.

It takes many years and lots of practice to become fluent in a second language. But when you're finally fluent, you can understand it, speak it, and write easily in it. One French class won't make you fluent — gaining fluency takes years. You can also be fluent in other things that you've practiced and mastered, like cello or computer programming. If you're doing something in a way that makes it look easy, you're fluent.

Definitions of fluent
  1. adjective
    expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively
    synonyms: eloquent, facile, silver, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken
    expressing yourself easily or characterized by clear expressive language
  2. adjective
    smooth and unconstrained in movement
    synonyms: fluid, liquid, smooth
    characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution
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