If someone does something easily, or shows ease, it is described as facile in a good way, but if someone takes the easy way out and shows a lack of thought or care, it is facile in a bad way.

While it is a lovely sounding French word, facile is both a compliment and an insult depending on how it's used. Something that shows ready skill is facile, such as being facile with text messaging. But if something is too simple and superficial, or shows little care, it can also be called facile. "Being too cowardly to tell the truth and admit he didn't do it, he used the facile and sarcastic excuse that the dog ate his homework."

Definitions of facile
  1. adjective
    arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth
    “too facile a solution for so complex a problem”
    concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually
  2. adjective
    performing adroitly and without effort
    “a facile hand”
    requiring or apparently requiring no effort
  3. adjective
    expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively
    “able to dazzle with his facile tongue”
    synonyms: eloquent, fluent, silver, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken
    expressing yourself easily or characterized by clear expressive language
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