A fink is someone who snitches or tattles, like your sister who told your parents that you were the one who ate the last chocolate chip cookie. That fink!

Fink is a North American slang term that originally meant "informant" or "strikebreaker" and expanded to be a general pejorative term for a jerk or an unpleasant person. Experts aren't sure about the word's origins, though many suspect it comes from German; Fink means "finch," but it's also used for "frivolous or dissolute person." In any event, you'll know a fink when you see one, because they'll be tattling on you.

Definitions of fink
  1. noun
    someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police
    synonyms: canary, sneak, sneaker, snitch, snitcher, stool pigeon, stoolie, stoolpigeon
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    type of:
    betrayer, blabber, informer, rat, squealer
    one who reveals confidential information in return for money
  2. verb
    confess to a punishable or reprehensible deed, usually under pressure
    synonyms: confess, squeal
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    type of:
    acknowledge, admit
    declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of
  3. verb
    take the place of work of someone on strike
    synonyms: blackleg, rat, scab
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    type of:
    do work, work
    be employed
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