Having finesse means you can handle difficult situations with diplomacy and tact, like the finesse it takes to help two friends work out their differences — without taking sides or alienating either one.

Finesse is having grace under pressure. It's handling the rantings of an angry customer with a smile and a calm tone. Someone who has finesse says the right thing at the right time — or knows when to say nothing at all. Finesse looks like fineness and in fact comes from the Middle French word that means exactly that — delicate in nature. People with finesse can handle anything — with a delicate approach that really works.

Definitions of finesse
  1. noun
    subtly skillful handling of a situation
    synonyms: delicacy, diplomacy, discreetness
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    type of:
    tact, tactfulness
    consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense
  2. verb
    plan, manage, or direct with subtle and skillful maneuvering
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    type of:
    care, deal, handle, manage
    be in charge of, act on, or dispose of
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