Filth is disgusting dirt, grime, or other unsavory material. Filth is dog poop all over the sidewalk, gunk under a movie seat.

You can use the noun filth when you're talking about some grimy substance, like the smelly filth on the bottom of your shoes after you've walked across a cow pasture. You can also call a general state of uncleanliness filth. You might say that the filth in your brother's room makes it impossible to open the door. Some people also use this word for material they deem to be obscene. The Old English root word is fylð, which means "rotting matter." Ew.

Definitions of filth
  1. noun
    any substance considered disgustingly foul or unpleasant
    synonyms: crud, skank
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    type of:
    waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product
    any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted
  2. noun
    a state characterized by foul or disgusting dirt and refuse
    synonyms: filthiness, foulness, nastiness
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    type of:
    a state that is not conducive to health
  3. noun
    the state of being covered with unclean things
    synonyms: dirt, grease, grime, grunge, soil, stain
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    type of:
    dirtiness, uncleanness
    the state of being unsanitary
  4. noun
    an offensive or indecent word or phrase
    synonyms: dirty word, obscenity, smut, vulgarism
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    bawdry, bawdy
    lewd or obscene talk or writing
    a preoccupation with obscenity (especially that dealing with excrement or excretory functions)
    type of:
    vulgar or irreverent speech or action
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