1. experience the content of observation or participation in an event
  2. experienced having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
  3. explicit precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable
  4. inexperienced lacking practical experience or training
  5. inexperienced person a person who lacks knowledge of evil
  6. expertise skillfulness by virtue of possessing special knowledge
  7. exuberant joyously unrestrained
  8. expedient appropriate to a purpose
  9. exuberance joyful enthusiasm
  10. experimenter bias (psychology) bias introduced by an experimenter whose expectations about the outcome of the experiment can be subtly communicated to the participants in the experiment
  11. expenditure the act of spending money for goods or services
  12. expedite process fast and efficiently
  13. experient having experience
  14. expressed communicated in words
  15. expedience the quality of being suited to the end in view
  16. experiment the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
  17. expediency the quality of being suited to the end in view
  18. expeditious marked by speed and efficiency
  19. experiential of or relating to direct observation or participation
  20. expressionless deliberately impassive in manner