You are enthralled when filled with delight and wonder at something, to the point where time seems to stand still. Creators of day time soap operas count on viewers being enthralled to make their money.

There's a transporting quality to the act of being enthralled, as though you have been, quite literally, whisked away. This is not surprising, given the origin of the word, which comes from two Latin words, en, "to make" or "put in," and thrall, "to hold in mental or moral bondage." So the next time a movie or book (or daytime soap) enthralls you, remember you are indeed being kidnapped in some way.

Definitions of enthralled
  1. adjective
    filled with wonder and delight
    synonyms: beguiled, captivated, charmed, delighted, entranced
    influenced as by charms or incantations
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