You can use the adjective delighted to describe being really pleased or happy with something. Maybe you would be "stoked" about getting backstage passes to a concert, while someone getting backstage passes to the symphony would be delighted.

Delighted might be a slightly old-fashioned way to show excitement or enthusiasm, or maybe it's a more refined way to express how you feel. Saying, "Oh, I'm so delighted you decided to come!" was once a common way to show how happy you were to see a friend. More contemporary uses might be sarcastic, like when you hand your mom an armload of stinky gym clothes without a "Please" and she says "I'll be delighted to wash these for you!"

Definitions of delighted
  1. adjective
    greatly pleased
    experiencing or manifesting pleasure
  2. adjective
    filled with wonder and delight
    synonyms: beguiled, captivated, charmed, enthralled, entranced
    influenced as by charms or incantations
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