An entertainer is a person whose job or goal is to perform for the amusement of others. If you're an entertainer, you might learn how to tap dance and take singing lessons.

If you make your living as a comedian, you're an entertainer. You're also an entertainer if you're a dancer, singer, actor, or puppeteer. In all of these cases, your job is to entertain an audience. You can also call the member of your family who's always trying to make everyone laugh an entertainer. The word comes from the verb entertain, which originally meant "to keep up or maintain," and came to also mean "amuse" in the early 17th century.

Definitions of entertainer
  1. noun
    a person who tries to please or amuse
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    Allen Stewart Konigsberg
    United States filmmaker and comic actor (1935-)
    Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen
    United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964)
    Alicia Alonso
    Cuban dancer and choreographer (born in 1921)
    Louis Armstrong
    United States pioneering jazz trumpeter and bandleader (1900-1971)
    Fred Astaire
    United States dancer and cinema actor noted for his original and graceful tap dancing (1899-1987)
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    German baroque organist and contrapuntist; composed mostly keyboard music; one of the greatest creators of western music (1685-1750)
    Pearl Mae Bailey
    United States singer (1918-1990)
    George Balanchine
    United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983)
    Lucille Ball
    United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989)
    Tallulah Bankhead
    uninhibited United States actress (1903-1968)
    Maurice Barrymore
    United States actor; husband of Georgiana Emma Barrymore and father of Ethel Barrymore and John Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore (1847-1905)
    Georgiana Emma Barrymore
    United States actress; daughter of John Drew and wife of Maurice Barrymore; mother of Ethel Barrymore and John Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore (1854-1893)
    Lionel Barrymore
    United States actor; son of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Barrymore (1878-1954)
    Ethel Barrymore
    United States actress; daughter of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Barrymore (1879-1959)
    John Barrymore
    United States actor; son of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Barrymore (1882-1942)
    Bela Bartok
    Hungarian composer and pianist who collected Hungarian folk music; in 1940 he moved to the United States (1881-1945)
    Mikhail Baryshnikov
    Russian dancer and choreographer who migrated to the United States (born in 1948)
    Sir Henry Maxmilian Beerbohm
    English writer and caricaturist (1872-1956)
    Robert Charles Benchley
    United States humorist (1889-1945)
    Benjamin Kubelsky
    United States comedian known for his timeing and delivery and self-effacing humor (1894-1974)
    Ingrid Bergman
    Swedish film actress (1915-1982)
    Henriette Rosine Bernard
    French actress (1844-1923)
    Shirley Temple Black
    popular child actress of the 1930's (born in 1928)
    Marc Blitzstein
    United States pianist and composer of operas and musical plays (1905-1964)
    Humphrey DeForest Bogart
    United States film actor (1899-1957)
    John Wilkes Booth
    United States actor and assassin of President Lincoln (1838-1865)
    Anton Bruckner
    Austrian organist and composer of romantic music (1824-1896)
    Richard Burbage
    English actor who was the first to play the leading role in several of Shakespeare's tragedies (1567-1619)
    Nathan Birnbaum
    United States comedian and film actor (1896-1996)
    Richard Burton
    Welsh film actor who often co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor (1925-1984)
    William Byrd
    English organist and composer of church music; master of 16th century polyphony; was granted a monopoly in music printing with Thomas Tallis (1543-1623)
    Sidney Caesar
    United States comedian who pioneered comedy television shows (born 1922)
    James Cagney
    United States film actor known for his portrayals of tough characters (1899-1986)
    Pablo Casals
    an outstanding Spanish cellist noted for his interpretation of Bach's cello suites (1876-1973)
    Johnny Cash
    United States country music singer and songwriter (1932-2003)
    Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin
    English comedian and film maker; portrayed a downtrodden little man in baggy pants and bowler hat (1889-1977)
    Maurice Chevalier
    French actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)
    Frederic Francois Chopin
    French composer (born in Poland) and pianist of the romantic school (1810-1849)
    Samuel Langhorne Clemens
    United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910)
    Imogene Coca
    United States comedienne who starred in early television shows with Sid Caesar (1908-2001)
    Frank Cooper
    United States film actor noted for his portrayals of strong silent heroes (1901-1961)
    Arcangelo Corelli
    Italian violinist and composer of violin concertos (1653-1713)
    Katherine Cornell
    United States actress noted for her performances in Broadway plays (1893-1974)
    Francois Couperin
    French composer of music for organ and a member of a family of distinguished organists (1668-1733)
    Sir Noel Pierce Coward
    English dramatist and actor and composer noted for his witty and sophisticated comedies (1899-1973)
    Joan Crawford
    United States film actress (1908-1977)
    Hume Blake Cronyn
    Canadian actor who frequently played character parts with his wife Jessica Tandy (1911-2003)
    Harry Lillis Crosby
    United States singer and film actor (1904-1977)
    Merce Cunningham
    United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1922)
    Karl Czerny
    Austrian virtuoso pianist and composer of many works for the piano; studied with Beethoven and was a teacher of Liszt (1791-1857)
    Bette Davis
    United States film actress (1908-1989)
    Miles Dewey Davis Jr.
    United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)
    James Byron Dean
    United States film actor whose moody rebellious roles made him a cult figure (1931-1955)
    Agnes George de Mille
    United States dancer and choreographer who introduced formal dance to a wide audience (1905-1993)
    Robert De Niro
    United States film actor who frequently plays tough characters (born 1943)
    Gerard Depardieu
    French film actor (born in 1948)
    Maria Magdalene von Losch
    United States film actress (born in Germany) who made many films with Josef von Sternberg and later was a successful cabaret star (1901-1992)
    Antoine Domino
    United States rhythm and blues pianist and singer and composer (born in 1928)
    John Dowland
    English lutenist and composer of songs for the lute (1563-1626)
    John Drew
    United States actor (born in Ireland); father of Georgiana Emma Barrymore (1827-1862)
    Isadora Duncan
    United States dancer and pioneer of modern dance (1878-1927)
    Jimmy Durante
    United States comedian remembered for his large nose and hoarse voice (1893-1980)
    Eleonora Duse
    Italian actress best known for her performances in tragic roles (1858-1924)
    Bob Dylan
    United States songwriter noted for his protest songs (born in 1941)
    Andre Eglevsky
    United States ballet dancer (born in Russia) (1917-1977)
    Edward Kennedy Ellington
    United States jazz composer and piano player and bandleader (1899-1974)
    Georges Enesco
    Romanian violinist and composer (1881-1955)
    Douglas Elton Fairbanks
    United States film actor noted for his swashbuckling roles (1883-1939)
    Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
    United States film actor; son of Douglas Elton Fairbanks, (1909-2000)
    Manuel de Falla
    Spanish composer and pianist (1876-1946)
    William Claude Dukenfield
    United States comedian and film actor (1880-1946)
    Ella Fitzgerald
    United States scat singer (1917-1996)
    Henry Fonda
    United States film actor (1905-1982)
    Jane Fonda
    United States film actress and daughter of Henry Fonda (born in 1937)
    Lynn Fontanne
    United States actress (born in England) who married Alfred Lunt and performed with him in many plays (1887-1983)
    Dame Margot Fonteyn
    English dancer who danced with Rudolf Nureyev (born in 1919)
    William Clark Gable
    United States film actor (1901-1960)
    Greta Louisa Gustafsson
    United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)
    Judy Garland
    United States singer and film actress (1922-1969)
    David Garrick
    English actor and theater manager who was the foremost Shakespearean actor of his day (1717-1779)
    Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson
    Australian actor (born in the United States in 1956)
    Arthur John Gielgud
    English actor of Shakespearean roles who was also noted for appearances in films (1904-2000)
    John Birks Gillespie
    United States jazz trumpeter and exponent of bebop (1917-1993)
    Lillian Gish
    United States film actress who appeared in films by D. W. Griffith (1896-1993)
    Benjamin David Goodman
    United States clarinetist who in 1934 formed a big band (including black as well as white musicians) and introduced a kind of jazz known as swing (1909-1986)
    Martha Graham
    United States dancer and choreographer whose work was noted for its austerity and technical rigor (1893-1991)
    Cary Grant
    United States actor (born in England) who was the elegant leading man in many films (1904-1986)
    Harley Granville-Barker
    English actor and dramatist and critic and director noted for his productions of Shakespearean plays (1877-1946)
    Stephane Grappelli
    French jazz violinist (1908-1997)
    Sir Alec Guinness
    English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)
    Lionel Hampton
    United States musician who was the first to use the vibraphone as a jazz instrument (1913-2002)
    Thomas J. Hanks
    United States film actor (born in 1956)
    Oliver Hardy
    United States slapstick comedian who played the pompous and overbearing member of the Laurel and Hardy duo who made many films (1892-1957)
    Harlean Carpenter
    United States film actress who made several films with Clark Gable (1911-1937)
    Reginald Carey Harrison
    English actor on stage and in films (1908-1990)
    Coleman Hawkins
    United States jazz saxophonist (1904-1969)
    Helen Hayes
    acclaimed actress of stage and screen (1900-1993)
    John Hemminge
    English actor who edited the first folio of Shakespeare's plays (1556-1630)
    James Marshall Hendrix
    United States guitarist whose innovative style with electric guitars influenced the development of rock music (1942-1970)
    Jim Henson
    United States puppeteer who created a troupe of puppet characters (1936-1990)
    Katharine Houghton Hepburn
    United States film actress who appeared in many films with Spencer Tracy (1907-2003)
    Woodrow Charles Herman
    United States jazz musician and bandleader (1913-1987)
    Dame Myra Hess
    English pianist (1890-1965)
    Alfred Hawthorne
    risque English comedian (1925-1992)
    Dustin Hoffman
    versatile United States film actor (born in 1937)
    Leslie Townes Hope
    United States comedian (born in England) who appeared in films with Bing Crosby (1903-2003)
    Sir Anthony Philip Hopkins
    Welsh film actor (born in 1937)
    Lena Calhoun Horne
    United States singer and actress (born in 1917)
    Vladimir Horowitz
    Russian concert pianist who was a leading international virtuoso (1904-1989)
    Harry Houdini
    United States magician (born in Hungary) famous for his ability to escape from chains or handcuffs or straitjackets or padlocked containers (1874-1926)
    Leslie Howard Stainer
    English actor of stage and screen (1893-1943)
    Julio Iglesias
    Spanish singer noted for his ballads and love songs (born in 1943)
    Mahalia Jackson
    United States singer who did much to popularize gospel music (1911-1972)
    Michael Joe Jackson
    United States singer who began singing with his four brothers and later became a highly successful star during the 1980s (born in 1958)
    Glenda Jackson
    English film actress who later became a member of British Parliament (born in 1936)
    Judith Jamison
    United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1944)
    Joseph Joachim
    Hungarian violinist and composer (1831-1907)
    Asa Yoelson
    United States singer (born in Russia) who appeared in the first full-length talking film (1886-1950)
    Janis Joplin
    United States singer who died of a drug overdose at the height of her popularity (1943-1970)
    Decimus Junius Juvenalis
    Roman satirist who denounced the vice and folly of Roman society during the reign of the emperor Domitian (60-140)
    William Henry Pratt
    United States film actor (born in England) noted for his performances in horror films (1887-1969)
    Tamara Karsavina
    Russian dancer who danced with Nijinsky (1885-1978)
    Edmund Kean
    English actor noted for his portrayals of Shakespeare's great tragic characters (1789-1833)
    Joseph Francis Keaton
    United States comedian and actor in silent films noted for his acrobatic skills and deadpan face (1895-1966)
    Eugene Curran Kelly
    United States dancer who performed in many musical films (1912-1996)
    Princess Grace of Monaco
    United States film actress who retired when she married into the royal family of Monaco (1928-1982)
    Emmett Kelly
    United States circus clown (1898-1979)
    Riley B King
    United States guitar player and singer of the blues (born in 1925)
    Fritz Kreisler
    United States violinist (born in Austria) (1875-1962)
    Wanda Landowska
    United States harpsichordist (born in Poland) who helped to revive modern interest in the harpsichord (1879-1959)
    Emilie Charlotte le Breton
    British actress and mistress of the prince who later became Edward VII (1853-1929)
    Ringgold Wilmer Lardner
    United States humorist and writer of satirical short stories (1885-1933)
    Sir Harry MacLennan Lauder
    Scottish ballad singer and music hall comedian (1870-1950)
    Charles Laughton
    United States film actor (born in England) (1899-1962)
    Arthur Stanley Jefferson Laurel
    United States slapstick comedian (born in England) who played the scatterbrained and often tearful member of the Laurel and Hardy duo who made many films (1890-1965)
    Gertrude Lawrence
    English actress (1898-1952)
    Stephen Butler Leacock
    Canadian economist best remembered for his humorous writings (1869-1944)
    Edward Lear
    British artist and writer of nonsense verse (1812-1888)
    Huddie Leadbetter
    United States folk singer and composer (1885-1949)
    Lee Yuen Kam
    United States actor who was an expert in kung fu and starred in martial arts films (1941-1973)
    Rose Louise Hovick
    United States striptease artist who became famous on Broadway in the 1930s (1914-1970)
    Eva Le Gallienne
    United States actress (born in England) (1899-1991)
    Vivien Leigh
    English film actress (1913-1967)
    Jack Lemmon
    United States film actor (1925-2001)
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    United States rock star singer and pianist (born in 1935)
    Beatrice Lillie
    British actress (born in Canada) (1898-1989)
    Franz Liszt
    Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso (1811-1886)
    Harold Clayton Lloyd
    United States comic actor in silent films; he used physical danger as a source of comedy (1893-1971)
    Sofia Scicolone
    Italian film actress (born in 1934)
    Laszlo Lowestein
    United States actor (born in Hungary) noted for playing sinister roles (1904-1964)
    Bela Ferenc Blasko
    United States film actor (born in Hungary) noted for portraying monsters (1884-1956)
    Alfred Lunt
    United States actor who performed with his wife Lynn Fontanne in many stage productions (1893-1977)
    Madonna Louise Ciccone
    United States pop singer and sex symbol during the 1980s (born in 1958)
    Marcel Marceau
    French mime famous for his sad-faced clown (born in 1923)
    Dame Alicia Markova
    English ballet dancer (born in 1910)
    Robert Nesta Marley
    Jamaican singer who popularized reggae (1945-1981)
    Donald Robert Perry Marquis
    humorist who wrote about the imaginary life of cockroaches (1878-1937)
    E. G. Marshall
    United States actor (1914-1998)
    Dino Paul Crocetti
    United States singer (1917-1995)
    Mary Martin
    United States actress (1913-1990)
    Steve Martin
    United States actor and comedian (born in 1945)
    Julius Marx
    United States comedian; one of four brothers who made motion pictures together (1890-1977)
    Leonard Marx
    United States comedian; one of four brothers who made motion pictures together (1891-1961)
    Arthur Marx
    United States comedian; one of four brothers who made motion pictures together (1893-1964)
    Herbert Marx
    United States comedian; one of four brothers who made motion pictures together (1901-1979)
    James Neville Mason
    English film actor (1909-1984)
    Leonide Fedorovitch Massine
    French choreographer and ballet dancer (born in Russia) (1895-1979)
    Sir Yehudi Menuhin
    British violinist (born in the United States) who began his career as a child prodigy in the 1920s (1916-1999)
    Anna Amalia Mercouri
    Greek film actress (1925-1994)
    Ethel Merman
    United States singer who appeared in several musical comedies (1909-1984)
    Arthur Mitchell
    United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934)
    Robert Mitchum
    United States film actor (1917-1997)
    Thelonious Sphere Monk
    United States jazz pianist who was one of the founders of the bebop style (1917-1982)
    Norma Jean Baker
    United States film actress noted for sex appeal (1926-1962)
    Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert
    Irish dancer (1818-1861)
    Dudley Stuart John Moore
    English actor and comedian who appeared on television and in films (born in 1935)
    Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe Morton
    United States jazz musician who moved from ragtime to New Orleans jazz (1885-1941)
    Alla Nazimova
    United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945)
    Paul Leonard Newman
    United States film actor (born in 1925)
    Vaslav Nijinsky
    Russian dancer considered by many to be the greatest dancer of the 20th century (1890-1950)
    Rudolf Nureyev
    Russian dancer who was often the partner of Dame Margot Fonteyn and who defected to the United States in 1961 (born in 1938)
    Joseph Oliver
    United States jazz musician who influenced the style of Louis Armstrong (1885-1938)
    Baron Olivier of Birghton
    English actor best know for his Shakespearean roles (1907-1989)
    Roy Orbison
    United States composer and rockabilly tenor popular in the 1950s (1936-1988)
    Peter Seamus O'Toole
    British actor (born in Ireland in 1932)
    Ignace Jan Paderewski
    Polish pianist who in 1919 served as the first Prime Minister of independent Poland (1860-1941)
    Niccolo Paganini
    Italian violinist and composer of music for the violin (1782-1840)
    Charles Christopher Parker
    United States saxophonist and leader of the bop style of jazz (1920-1955)
    Anna Pavlova
    Russian ballerina (1882-1931)
    Edith Giovanna Gassion
    French cabaret singer (1915-1963)
    Mary Pickford
    United States film actress (born in Canada) who starred in silent films (1893-1979)
    Sidney Poitier
    United States film actor and director (born in 1927)
    Francis Poulenc
    French pianist and composer (1899-1963)
    Henry Purcell
    English organist at Westminster Abbey and composer of many theatrical pieces (1659-1695)
    Francois Rabelais
    author of satirical attacks on medieval scholasticism (1494-1553)
    Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff
    composer and piano virtuoso born in Russia (1873-1943)
    Charles Robert Redford
    United States actor and filmmaker who starred with Paul Newman in several films (born in 1936)
    Sir Ralph David Richardson
    British stage and screen actor noted for playing classic roles (1902-1983)
    Paul Bustill Robeson
    United States bass singer and an outspoken critic of racism and proponent of socialism (1898-1976)
    Edward Goldenberg Robinson
    United States film actor noted for playing gangster roles (1893-1973)
    Virginia Katherine McMath
    United States dancer and film actress who partnered with Fred Astaire (1911-1995)
    William Penn Adair Rogers
    United States humorist remembered for his homespun commentary on politics and American society (1879-1935)
    Anton Grigorevich Rubinstein
    Russian composer and pianist (1829-1894)
    Arthur Rubinstein
    United States pianist (born in Poland) known for his interpretations of the music of Chopin (1886-1982)
    Lillian Russell
    United States entertainer remembered for her roles in comic operas (1861-1922)
    Charles Camille Saint-Saens
    French pianist and composer (1835-1921)
    woman whose dancing beguiled Herod into giving her the head of John the Baptist
    Artur Schnabel
    United States composer (born in Austria) and pianist noted for his interpretations of the works of Mozart and Beethoven and Schubert (1882-1951)
    Clara Josephine Schumann
    German pianist and composer of piano music; renowned for her interpretation of music, especially the music of her husband Robert Schumann (1819-1896)
    Albert Schweitzer
    French philosopher and physician and organist who spent most of his life as a medical missionary in Gabon (1875-1965)
    George C. Scott
    award-winning United States film actor (1928-1999)
    Andres Segovia
    Spanish guitarist who made classical guitar a concert instrument (1893-1987)
    Peter Sellers
    English comic actor (1925-1980)
    Rudolf Serkin
    United States concert pianist (born in Czechoslovakia) (1903-1991)
    Ravi Shankar
    Indian sitar player who popularized classical Indian music in the West (born in 1920)
    Henry Wheeler Shaw
    United States humorist who wrote about rural life (1818-1885)
    Arthur Jacob Arshawsky
    United States clarinetist and leader of a swing band (1910-2004)
    Ted Shawn
    United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ruth Saint Denis (1891-1972)
    Moira Shearer
    Scottish ballet dancer and actress (born in 1926)
    Sarah Kemble Siddons
    English actress noted for her performances in Shakespearean roles (1755-1831)
    Paul Simon
    United States singer and songwriter (born in 1942)
    Francis Albert Sinatra
    United States singer and film actor (1915-1998)
    Cornelia Otis Skinner
    United States actress noted for her one-woman shows (1901-1979)
    Otis Skinner
    United States actor (1858-1942)
    Bessie Smith
    United States blues singer (1894-1937)
    Kathryn Elizabeth Smith
    United States singer noted for her rendition of patriotic songs (1909-1986)
    Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky
    Russian actor and theater director who trained his actors to emphasize the psychological motivation of their roles (1863-1938)
    Ruth Saint Denis
    United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ted Shawn (1877-1968)
    Isaac Stern
    United States concert violinist (born in Russia in 1920)
    James Maitland Stewart
    United States film actor who portrayed incorruptible but modest heros (1908-1997)
    Israel Strassberg
    United States actor and film director (born in Austria) who was a leader in developing method acting in the United States (1901-1982)
    Meryl Streep
    United States film actress (born in 1949)
    Barbra Joan Streisand
    United States singer and actress (born in 1942)
    Erich von Stroheim
    United States film actor (born in Austria) (1885-1957)
    Edward Vincent Sullivan
    United States host on a well known television variety show (1902-1974)
    Gloria May Josephine Svensson
    United States actress in many silent films (1899-1983)
    Jonathan Swift
    an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)
    Maria Tallchief
    United States ballerina who promoted American ballet through tours and television appearances (born in 1925)
    Thomas Tallis
    English organist and composer of church and secular music; was granted a monopoly in music printing with William Byrd (1505-1585)
    Jessica Tandy
    United States actress (born in England) who made many stage appearances, often with her husband Hume Cronyn (1909-1994)
    Arthur Tatum
    United States jazz pianist who was almost completely blind; his innovations influenced many other jazz musicians (1910-1956)
    Elizabeth Taylor
    United States film actress (born in England) who was a childhood star; as an adult she often co-starred with Richard Burton (born in 1932)
    Dame Alice Ellen Terry
    English actress (1847-1928)
    Twyla Tharp
    innovative United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1941)
    Dame Sybil Thorndike
    English actress (1882-1976)
    James Grover Thurber
    United States humorist and cartoonist who published collections of essays and stories (1894-1961)
    Spencer Tracy
    United States film actor who appeared in many films with Katharine Hepburn (1900-1967)
    Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree
    English actor and theatrical producer noted for his lavish productions of Shakespeare (1853-1917)
    Sophie Tucker
    United States vaudevillian (born in Russia) noted for her flamboyant performances (1884-1966)
    Antony Tudor
    United States dancer and choreographer (born in England) (1909-1987)
    Galina Sergeevna Ulanova
    Russian ballet dancer (1910-1998)
    Peter Alexander Ustinov
    British actor and playwright (1921-2004)
    Sarah Vaughan
    United States jazz singer noted for her complex bebop phrasing and scat singing (1924-1990)
    Gaetan Vestris
    Italian dancing-master for Louis XVI who was considered the greatest dancer of his day; he was the first to discard the mask in mime (1729-1808)
    Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
    Italian baroque composer and violinist (1675-1741)
    Thomas Wright Waller
    United States jazz musician (1904-1943)
    Ethel Waters
    United States actress and singer (1896-1977)
    Duke Wayne
    United States film actor who played tough heroes (1907-1979)
    George Orson Welles
    United States actor and filmmaker (1915-1985)
    Mae West
    United States film actress (1892-1980)
    Hiram King Williams
    United States country singer and songwriter (1923-1953)
    Natalie Wood
    United States film actress (1938-1981)
    Tammy Wynetter Pugh
    United States country singer (1942-1998)
    Lester Willis Young
    United States jazz tenor saxophonist (1909-1959)
    Loretta Young
    United States film and television actress (1913-2000)
    Efrem Zimbalist
    United States violinist (born in Russia) (1889-1985)
    Pinchas Zukerman
    Israeli violinist (born in 1948)
    Marian Anderson
    United States contralto noted for her performance of spirituals (1902-1993)
    Charles Edward Berry
    United States rock singer (born in 1931)
    Enrico Caruso
    outstanding Italian operatic tenor (1873-1921)
    Placido Domingo
    Spanish operatic tenor noted for performances in operas by Verdi and Puccini (born in 1941)
    Eileen Farrell
    United States operatic soprano noted for the clarity and power of her voice (1920-2002)
    Woodrow Wilson Guthrie
    United States folk singer and songwriter (1912-1967)
    Eleanor Gwynne
    English comedienne and mistress of Charles II (1650-1687)
    William John Clifton Haley Jr.
    United States rock singer who was one of the first to popularize rock'n'roll music (1925-1981)
    George Harrison
    English rock star; lead guitarist of the Beatles (1943-2001)
    Charles Hardin Holley
    United States rock star (1936-1959)
    Michael Philip Jagger
    English rock star (born in 1943)
    John Lennon
    English rock star and guitarist and songwriter who with Paul McCartney wrote most of the music for the Beatles (1940-1980)
    Swedish Nightingale
    Swedish soprano who toured the United States under the management of P. T. Barnum (1820-1887)
    Sir James Paul McCartney
    English rock star and bass guitarist and songwriter who with John Lennon wrote most of the music for the Beatles (born in 1942)
    John McCormick
    United States operatic tenor (born in Ireland) (1884-1945)
    Lauritz Lebrecht Hommel Melchior
    United States operatic tenor (born in Denmark) noted for his Wagnerian roles (1890-1973)
    James Douglas Morrison
    United States rock singer (1943-1971)
    Marta Brigit Nilsson
    Swedish operatic soprano who played Wagnerian roles (born in 1918)
    Jessye Norman
    United States operatic soprano (born in 1945)
    Luciano Pavarotti
    Italian tenor (born in 1935)
    Rosa Melba Ponselle
    United States soprano (1897-1981)
    Elvis Aron Presley
    United States rock singer whose many hit records and flamboyant style greatly influenced American popular music (1935-1977)
    Mary Leontyne Price
    United States operatic soprano (born 1927)
    Ernestine Schumann-Heink
    United States operatic contralto (1861-1936)
    Peter Seeger
    United States folk singer who was largely responsible for the interest in folk music in the 1960s (born in 1919)
    Belle Miriam Silverman
    United States operatic soprano (born in 1929)
    Richard Starkey
    rock star and drummer for the Beatles (born in 1940)
    Dame Joan Sutherland
    Australian operatic soprano (born in 1926)
    Renata Tebaldi
    Italian operatic soprano (born in 1922)
    Dame Kiri Janette Te Kanawa
    New Zealand operatic soprano (born in 1944)
    Helen Traubel
    United States operatic soprano (1903-1972)
    Maria Meneghini Callas
    Greek coloratura soprano (born in the United States) known for her dramatic intensity in operatic roles (1923-1977)
    Marilyn Horne
    United States operatic mezzo-soprano (born 1934)
    Helen Porter Mitchell
    Australian operatic soprano (1861-1931)
    Alice-Josephine Pons
    United States coloratura soprano (born in France) (1904-1976)
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    an entertainer who has a sensational effect
    a person who entertains people for money in public places (as by singing or dancing), usually while asking for money
    attracter, attraction, attractor, draw, drawing card
    an entertainer who attracts large audiences
    humorist, humourist
    someone who acts speaks or writes in an amusing way
    emcee, host, master of ceremonies
    a person who acts as host at formal occasions (makes an introductory speech and introduces other speakers)
    performer, performing artist
    an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
    a pleasing entertainer
    actor, histrion, player, role player, thespian
    a theatrical performer
    a public performer (a dancer or singer)
    baton twirler, twirler
    someone who twirls a baton
    comedian, comic
    a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts
    British term for someone who introduces television acts or cabarets etc
    cowboy, rodeo rider
    a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging
    dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean
    a performer who dances professionally
    a performer (usually of musical works)
    fire-eater, fire-swallower
    a performer who pretends to swallow fire
    fire walker
    someone who walks barefoot on burning coals
    a carnival performer who does disgusting acts
    headliner, star
    a performer who receives prominent billing
    a performer who juggles objects and performs tricks of manual dexterity
    Lord of Misrule
    a person appointed master of revels at a Christmas celebration
    conjurer, conjuror, illusionist, magician, prestidigitator
    someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience
    a performer in a minstrel show
    an entertainer who performs alone
    instrumentalist, musician, player
    someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
    lampooner, parodist
    mimics literary or musical style for comic effect
    someone overly fond of making puns
    one who operates puppets or marionettes
    question master, quizmaster
    the host or chairman of a radio or tv quiz show or panel game
    the person in charge of performances in a circus ring
    ironist, ridiculer, satirist
    a humorist who uses ridicule and irony and sarcasm
    a person who performs in the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan
    a performer who reads without preparation or prior acquaintance (as in music)
    snake charmer
    a performer who uses movements and music to control snakes
    second banana, straight man
    a performer who acts as stooge to a comedian
    ecdysiast, exotic dancer, peeler, stripper, striptease, striptease artist, stripteaser
    a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music
    a man who performs feats of strength at a fair or circus
    symposiarch, toastmaster
    the person who proposes toasts and introduces speakers at a banquet
    a performer who works in vaudeville
    a performer who projects the voice into a wooden dummy
    card, wag, wit
    a witty amusing person who makes jokes
    type of:
    individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul
    a human being
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