If you want to describe your school dance with an impressive adjective, you can call it a terpsichorean party. Terpsichorean describes something that has to do with dancing.

You might tell your friend that you're planning something terpsichorean for the big camp talent show. He may have no idea what you mean, but you'll know you're planning to dance. The word terpsichorean comes from Terpsikhore, one of Greek mythology's nine muses. Terpsikhore literally means "enjoyment of dance," and she was the muse known for ruling over dance while playing her lyre.

Definitions of terpsichorean

adj of or relating to dancing

“her terpsichorean activities”

n a performer who dances professionally

dancer, professional dancer
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Alicia Alonso
Cuban dancer and choreographer (born in 1921)
Fred Astaire
United States dancer and cinema actor noted for his original and graceful tap dancing (1899-1987)
George Balanchine
United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983)
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Russian dancer and choreographer who migrated to the United States (born in 1948)
Merce Cunningham
United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1922)
Agnes George de Mille
United States dancer and choreographer who introduced formal dance to a wide audience (1905-1993)
Isadora Duncan
United States dancer and pioneer of modern dance (1878-1927)
Dame Margot Fonteyn
English dancer who danced with Rudolf Nureyev (born in 1919)
Martha Graham
United States dancer and choreographer whose work was noted for its austerity and technical rigor (1893-1991)
Judith Jamison
United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1944)
Tamara Karsavina
Russian dancer who danced with Nijinsky (1885-1978)
Eugene Curran Kelly
United States dancer who performed in many musical films (1912-1996)
Dame Alicia Markova
English ballet dancer (born in 1910)
Leonide Fedorovitch Massine
French choreographer and ballet dancer (born in Russia) (1895-1979)
Arthur Mitchell
United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934)
Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert
Irish dancer (1818-1861)
Vaslav Nijinsky
Russian dancer considered by many to be the greatest dancer of the 20th century (1890-1950)
Rudolf Nureyev
Russian dancer who was often the partner of Dame Margot Fonteyn and who defected to the United States in 1961 (born in 1938)
Anna Pavlova
Russian ballerina (1882-1931)
Virginia Katherine McMath
United States dancer and film actress who partnered with Fred Astaire (1911-1995)
woman whose dancing beguiled Herod into giving her the head of John the Baptist
Ted Shawn
United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ruth Saint Denis (1891-1972)
Moira Shearer
Scottish ballet dancer and actress (born in 1926)
Ruth Saint Denis
United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ted Shawn (1877-1968)
Maria Tallchief
United States ballerina who promoted American ballet through tours and television appearances (born in 1925)
Twyla Tharp
innovative United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1941)
Antony Tudor
United States dancer and choreographer (born in England) (1909-1987)
Galina Sergeevna Ulanova
Russian ballet dancer (1910-1998)
Gaetan Vestris
Italian dancing-master for Louis XVI who was considered the greatest dancer of his day; he was the first to discard the mask in mime (1729-1808)
Andre Eglevsky
United States ballet dancer (born in Russia) (1917-1977)
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ballet dancer
a trained dancer who is a member of a ballet company
ballet master
a man who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers for a ballet company
ballet mistress
a woman who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers for a ballet company
belly dancer, exotic belly dancer, exotic dancer
a woman who performs a solo belly dance
chorine, chorus girl, showgirl
a woman who dances in a chorus line
dance master, dancing-master
a professional teacher of dancing
hoofer, stepper
a professional dancer
a masked dancer during a Pueblo religious ceremony who is thought to embody some particular spirit
nautch girl
a professional dancing girl in India
tap dancer, tapper
a dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes
taxi dancer
a woman employed to dance with patrons who pay a fee for each dance
ballerina, danseuse
a female ballet dancer
danseur, danseur noble
a male ballet dancer who is the partner of a ballerina
Type of:
performer, performing artist
an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience

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