An employee is someone who's hired to do a particular job for pay. If you like to shop in a certain store, you might also enjoy being an employee there.

You can see the verb employ, meaning "put to use," in employee. You can employ a pen in writing a letter, just as a grocery store might employ workers to collect the shopping carts from the parking lot. A person who is put to work is an employee. Employee implies that the worker reports to a boss, and it's most commonly used for non-executives who work for a salary.

Definitions of employee
  1. noun
    a worker who is hired to perform a job
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    a person or firm that employs workers
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    barkeep, barkeeper, barman, bartender, mixologist
    an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar
    an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
    company man
    an employee whose first loyalty is to the company rather than to fellow workers
    copyist, scribe, scrivener
    someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts
    a person employed to write advertising or publicity copy
    a member of a work crew
    deliverer, delivery boy, deliveryman
    someone employed to make deliveries
    dining-room attendant, restaurant attendant
    someone employed to provide service in a dining room
    employee of a transportation company who controls the departures of vehicles according to weather conditions and in the interest of efficient service
    dog catcher
    an employee of a municipal pound who is hired to round up stray dogs and cats
    an employee who is reassigned from job to job as needed
    floorwalker, shopwalker
    an employee of a retail store who supervises sales personnel and helps with customer problems
    someone employed to work in a garden
    someone employed by a gas company
    an employee whose duties include running errands
    a newly hired employee
    hired help
    employee hired for domestic or farm work (often used in the singular to refer to several employees collectively)
    hireling, pensionary
    a person who works only for money
    an employee who holds a regular job
    line worker
    an employee who works on an assembly line
    a worker in a livery stable
    office boy
    a young man who is employed to do odd jobs in a business office
    organization man
    an employee who sacrifices his own individuality for the good of an organization
    Pullman porter, porter
    a railroad employee who assists passengers (especially on sleeping cars)
    potboy, potman
    a worker in an inn or public house who serves customers and does various chores
    public servant
    someone who holds a government position (either by election or appointment)
    a person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by the company
    sales rep, sales representative, salesperson
    a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)
    a person with advertising boards hanging from the shoulders
    a worker employed to apply spots (as markers or identifiers)
    a worker employed at a dry-cleaning establishment to remove spots
    staff member, staffer
    an employee who is a member of a staff of workers (especially a member of the staff that works for the President of the United States)
    stage technician, stagehand
    an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production
    stock-taker, stocktaker
    an employee whose job is to take inventory
    an employee who sweeps (floors or streets etc.)
    toll agent, toll collector, toll taker, toller, tollgatherer, tollkeeper, tollman
    someone employed to collect tolls
    railroad man, railroader, railway man, railwayman, trainman
    an employee of a railroad
    one employed to control water supply by turning water mains on and off
    someone paid to operate a typewriter
    working man, working person, workingman, workman
    an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
    a workman who excavates for foundations of buildings or for quarrying
    a female bartender
    blaster, chargeman
    a workman employed to blast with explosives
    a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes
    busboy, waiter's assistant
    a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes
    captain, headwaiter, maitre d', maitre d'hotel
    a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers
    carrier, newsboy
    a boy who delivers newspapers
    someone who delivers coal
    demonstrator, sales demonstrator
    someone who demonstrates an article to a prospective buyer
    desk clerk, hotel clerk, hotel desk clerk
    a hotel receptionist
    earner, wage earner
    someone who earn wages in return for their labor
    file clerk, filer, filing clerk
    a clerk who is employed to maintain the files of an organization
    a workman who fulls (cleans and thickens) freshly woven cloth for a living
    gas fitter
    a workman who installs and repairs gas fixtures and appliances
    grocery boy
    a delivery boy for groceries
    groundkeeper, groundskeeper, groundsman
    someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)
    guest worker, guestworker
    a person with temporary permission to work in another country
    a workman who heaves freight or bulk goods (especially at a dockyard)
    a gardener who takes care of and trims hedges
    someone who cuts and delivers ice
    kitchen help
    help hired to work in the kitchen
    jack, laborer, labourer, manual laborer
    someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
    a workman who laces shoes or footballs or books (during binding)
    a workman who puts up laths
    one of the 19th century English workmen who destroyed laborsaving machinery that they thought would cause unemployment
    carrier, letter carrier, mail carrier, mailman, postman
    a man who delivers the mail
    someone who delivers milk
    factory worker, mill-hand
    a workman in a mill or factory
    workman employed by a moving company
    bagger, boxer, packer
    a workman employed to pack things into containers
    a boy who sells or delivers newspapers
    a clerk or bureaucrat who does paperwork
    a workman who pastes
    pencil pusher, penpusher
    a clerk who does boring paperwork
    mapper, plotter
    a clerk who marks data on a chart
    mail clerk, postal clerk
    a clerk in a post office
    property man, property master, propman
    member of the stage crew in charge of properties
    publican, tavern keeper
    the keeper of a public house
    disinfestation officer, rat-catcher
    a workman employed to destroy or drive away vermin
    road mender, roadman
    a workman who is employed to repair roads
    a workman employed to make rounds (to deliver goods or make inspections or so on)
    clerk, salesclerk, shop assistant, shop clerk
    a salesperson in a store
    salesgirl, saleslady, saleswoman
    a woman salesperson
    a man salesperson
    sceneshifter, shifter
    a stagehand responsible for moving scenery
    a workman who uses a tool for scratching
    a clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings
    a workman who uses shears to cut leather or metal or textiles
    shipping clerk
    an employee who ships and receives goods
    a railroad employee in charge of signals and point in a railroad yard
    caseworker, social worker, welfare worker
    someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged)
    a clerk who sorts things (as letters at the post office)
    a workman employed to collect sponges
    a workman whose job is to form or cut out by applying a mold or die (either by hand or by operating a stamping machine)
    tally clerk, tallyman
    one who keeps a tally of quantity or weight of goods produced or shipped or received
    a clerk who keeps track of the hours worked by employees
    a skilled typist who can type a document without looking at the keyboard
    utility man
    a workman expected to serve in any capacity when called on
    server, waiter
    a person whose occupation is to serve at table (as in a restaurant)
    warehouseman, warehouser
    a workman who manages or works in a warehouse
    a workman who wets the work in a manufacturing process
    worker in a railway yard
    train dispatcher, trainmaster, yardmaster
    a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard
    type of:
    a person who works at a specific occupation
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