Someone who is full of himself and doesn't give a darn about other people has a healthy supply of egoism. Egoism means "me me me me me-ism."

Egoism has a lot to do with selfishness, which sounds like a bad thing, right? Not necessarily. Some people think that being selfish is the best thing to do for the world as a whole. In other words, if everyone is selfish, everyone will be better off. So egoism can be considered positive or negative — it all depends how someone uses the word. This makes egoism different from egotism — an always yucky type of selfishness.

Definitions of egoism

n concern for your own interests and welfare

egocentrism, self-centeredness, self-concern, self-interest
altruism, selflessness
the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Type of:
a distinguishing feature of your personal nature

n (ethics) the theory that the pursuit of your own welfare is the basis of morality

Type of:
a belief that can guide behavior

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