educational activity

Definitions of educational activity

n the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill

didactics, education, instruction, pedagogy, teaching
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education of men and women in the same institutions
continuing education
a program of instruction designed primarily for adult students who participate part-time
class, course, course of instruction, course of study
education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings
elementary education
education in elementary subjects (reading and writing and arithmetic) provided to young students at a grade school
extension, extension service, university extension
an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students
extracurricular activity
educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum
higher education
education provided by a college or university
secondary education
education beyond the elementary grades; provided by a high school or college preparatory school
team teaching
a method of coordinated classroom teaching involving a team of teachers working together with a single group of students
work-study program
an educational plan in which students alternate between paid employment and formal study
adult education
a course (via lectures or correspondence) for adults who are not otherwise engaged in formal study
art class
a class in which you learn to draw or paint
childbirth-preparation class
a course that teaches pregnant women to use breathing and concentration and exercise techniques to use during labor
participation in theatrical productions as an extracurricular activity
participation in sports events as an extracurricular activity
correspondence course
a course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school
course of lectures
a series of lectures dealing with a subject
directed study
a course of study that is supervised and controlled by a specialist in the subject
elective, elective course
a course that the student can select from among alternatives
extension course
a course offered as part of an extension service
home study
a course of study carried out at home rather than in a classroom
industrial arts
a course in the methods of using tools and machinery as taught in secondary schools and technical schools
orientation, orientation course
a course introducing a new situation or environment
propaedeutic, propaedeutics
a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally)
refresher, refresher course
a course that reviews and updates a topic for those who have not kept abreast of developments
required course
a course that all students are required to take
a course offered for a small group of advanced students
shop, shop class
a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry or electricity)
a brief intensive course for a small group; emphasizes problem solving
Type of:
any specific behavior

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