1. dyspepsia a digestive disorder characterized by heartburn or nausea
  2. disperse move away from each other
  3. dispense administer or bestow, as in small portions
  4. despise look down on with disdain or disgust
  5. dysplasia abnormal development (of organs or cells) or an abnormal structure resulting from such growth
  6. displease give displeasure to
  7. dispose give, sell, or transfer to another
  8. dyspeptic suffering from indigestion
  9. respect regard highly; think much of
  10. disburse expend, as from a fund
  11. dispraise the act of speaking contemptuously of
  12. dispensary clinic where medicine and medical supplies are distributed
  13. dispersed distributed or spread over a considerable extent
  14. displace cause to move, usually with force or pressure
  15. disparity inequality or difference in some respect
  16. dispersal the act of diffusing something
  17. dispossess deprive someone of something, especially property
  18. dispenser a container so designed that the contents can be used in prescribed amounts
  19. dispensed distributed or weighted out in carefully determined portions
  20. suspense an uncertain cognitive state

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