The idea that you can see the future by supernatural means is called divination. When your friend tells your fortune by reading the tea leaves in your cup, she claims to have the power of divination.

The prediction or prophecy itself that's given through the act of fortune telling is also called divination. A psychic's divination that your aunt will soon start a family is much less impressive if your aunt is obviously pregnant. You can also use divination to refer to someone's unusual intuition, like a child who seems to know by divination when someone is feeling sad or upset.

Definitions of divination

n the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means

foretelling, fortune telling, soothsaying
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divination by means of numbers
dowse, dowsing, rhabdomancy
searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod
divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)
divination by water (as by patterns seen in the ebb and flow of the tides)
divination by means of stones or stone talismans
conjuring up the dead, especially for prophesying
divination through the interpretation of dreams
divination by the letters of a name
chirology, chiromancy, palm reading, palmistry
telling fortunes by lines on the palm of the hand
divination by fire or flames
Type of:
prognostication, prophecy, vaticination
knowledge of the future (usually said to be obtained from a divine source)

n a prediction uttered under divine inspiration

a prophecy (usually obscure or allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible
Type of:
forecasting, foretelling, prediction, prognostication
a statement made about the future

n successful conjecture by unusual insight or good luck

Type of:
conjecture, guess, hypothesis, speculation, supposition, surmisal, surmise
a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

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