When something is diversified, it is diverse, meaning varied. If your investments are diversified, it means you have put money in more than one place: real estate, stocks, bonds, race horses, gold, alligator farms, and so on.

Diverse comes from a medieval Latin word diversificare, meaning “make dissimilar.” If you have diversified something, you have made its parts different from each other. For example, if you want to make your diet more diversified, you make it a point to eat a wider variety of foods, or at least something beyond just scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese.

Definitions of diversified
  1. adjective
    having variety of character or form or components; or having increased variety
    “a diversified musical program ranging from classical to modern”
    diversified farming”
    diversified manufacturing”
    diversified scenery”
    diversified investments”
    varied, wide-ranging
    widely different
    heterogeneous, heterogenous, hybrid
    consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature
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    not diversified
    not specialized or limited to one class of things
    characterized by massiveness and rigidity and total uniformity
    solid, unanimous, whole
    acting together as a single undiversified whole
    (of investments) not distributed among a variety of securities
    homogeneous, homogenous
    all of the same or similar kind or nature
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