Anything developed has evolved, getting more advanced, complete, or useful. A fully developed plan is ready for action. A well developed idea makes a good story. A developed country has paved roads and industry.

To develop something is to work on it and improve it. Things that are developed have gone through a process, and although it’s usually a good thing, it’s not so good if a cold developed into pneumonia, for example. On the bright side, phones are extremely developed compared to just ten years ago — so are computers and many other gadgets. Developed countries have more resources, technology, and wealth than undeveloped countries.

Definitions of developed
  1. adjective
    being changed over time so as to be e.g. stronger or more complete or more useful
    “the developed qualities of the Hellenic outlook”
    “they have very small limbs with only two fully developed toes on each”
    devised; developed according to an orderly plan
    mature, matured
    fully considered and perfected
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    not developed
    beginning to develop
    rudimentary, vestigial
    not fully developed in mature animals
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  2. adjective
    (used of societies) having high industrial development
    developed countries”
    synonyms: highly-developed
    having highly developed industries
  3. adjective
    (of real estate) made more useful and profitable as by building or laying out roads
    “condominiums were built on the developed site”
    made more desirable or valuable or profitable; especially made ready for use or marketing
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