Rudimentary means basic, or at a very early stage. The test should be easy: it requires only a rudimentary understanding of the materials.

The word rude means simple or offensive — and people with only rudimentary understanding of good manners might not know how that belching is rude. If you remember that the word rude is the foundation of rudimentary, you'll have a rudimentary understanding of the word.

Definitions of rudimentary
  1. adjective
    being in the earliest stages of development
    rudimentary plans”
    incomplete, uncomplete
    not complete or total; not completed
  2. adjective
    not fully developed in mature animals
    rudimentary wings”
    synonyms: vestigial
    not developed
  3. adjective
    being or involving basic facts or principles
    “these rudimentary truths”
    synonyms: fundamental, underlying
    pertaining to or constituting a base or basis
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