Despondency is a sad emotional state — much like depression. If you're in a state of despondency, you're feeling hopeless and super bummed out.

Despondency is one of many emotional states that are not pleasant — it's a kind of extreme sadness. Stubbing your toe wouldn't trigger despondency, but the death of a family member or friend might. When people lose their jobs or experience failure, despondency can happen — they feel despondent. Despondency can include not only sadness, but feelings of hopelessness. It's a terrible way to feel, and it's not easy to get over it.

Definitions of despondency
  1. noun
    feeling downcast and disheartened and hopeless
    synonyms: despondence, disconsolateness, heartsickness
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    type of:
    sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy
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