You know that part of every movie after the big action scene, where things get explained, and the characters tie up loose ends? That's called the denouement, or the showing of how the plot eventually turns out.

Denouement is a French word that literally means the action of untying, from a verb meaning to untie. The English word is pronounced like the French: day-noo-MON. The last syllable has a nasalized vowel instead of the n sound. You can use it outside the context of plays or novels, too: you might describe the denouement of an argument between two friends.

Definitions of denouement
  1. noun
    the outcome of a complex sequence of events
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    type of:
    final result, outcome, result, resultant, termination
    something that results
  2. noun
    the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work
    synonyms: resolution
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    type of:
    answer, resolution, result, solution, solvent
    a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem
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