To deafen is to make someone permanently or temporarily unable to hear, especially with a very loud noise. If the music at a party deafens you, you'll probably go home early.

Things that might deafen you include a fire truck's siren, your brother blowing his trumpet in your ear, or an explosion. You can also use the word in a more figurative way, when something makes you feel overwhelmed by its loudness: "I'm sick of living on this busy road — when the bus goes by, it deafens me!" The earliest verb with this meaning was deaf, which became deafen by the late 16th century.

Definitions of deafen

v make or render deaf

“a deafening noise”
Type of:
desensitise, desensitize
cause not to be sensitive

v be unbearably loud

“a deafening noise”

v make soundproof

deafen a room”
Type of:
break, damp, dampen, soften, weaken
lessen in force or effect

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