To crave something is to have a great desire for it, as one might crave love, fame, or French fries.

Crave is typically used in the context of emotional or physical desires rather than practical needs. For example, most people crave a hug or a cup of hot cocoa every now and then, but it’s unusual to crave a new filing cabinet or tie rack — although if that’s how you feel, don’t let us interfere. Interestingly, crave comes from an Old English word meaning “demand.” Perhaps our ancestors were more assertive about getting what they wanted.

Definitions of crave
  1. verb
    have a craving, appetite, or great desire for
    synonyms: hunger, lust, starve, thirst
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    type of:
    desire, want
    feel or have a desire for; want strongly
  2. verb
    plead or ask for earnestly
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    type of:
    beg, implore, pray
    call upon in supplication; entreat
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