When you cooperate, you work together. You can cooperate with the police by telling them everything you know about your neighbor’s pet leopard, or your preschooler can cooperate with you by doing everything you tell him to do, now!

The verb cooperate is originally from the combination of The Latin prefix co-, meaning “together,” and operari, meaning “to work.” The term “co-op” is a shortening of cooperative and is used when people work together (or cooperate) to run a preschool, health food store, or a residence. When you start or join a co-op, be prepared to cooperate with your partners, and remember: somebody has to clean the bathrooms.

Definitions of cooperate
  1. verb
    work together on a common enterprise or project
    synonyms: collaborate, get together, join forces
    cooperate as a traitor
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    cooperate as a traitor
    go along, play along
    cooperate or pretend to cooperate
    type of:
    exert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity
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