If you're dealing with confinement to a jail cell, or your classroom, or the broom closet, you're stuck there and you can't leave. Confinement means you're being held and you can't move freely.

Confinement doesn't have to be punishment. If you've got a contagious disease, your doctor may recommend confinement to your hospital room. Puppies sometimes prefer confinement in a crate to sleeping in an open room. You may also come across an old-fashioned use of the word confinement, referring to a woman in childbirth, which goes back to when women retired to their rooms to give birth and recuperate. Confinement contains the Latin root finis, "end, limit” — confinement certainly is limiting.

Primary Meanings of confinement

the state of being confined
concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of contractions to the birth of a child
Full Definitions of confinement

n the state of being confined

“he was held in confinement
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constraint, restraint
the state of being physically constrained
captivity, immurement, imprisonment, incarceration
the state of being imprisoned
custody, detainment, detention, hold
a state of being confined (usually for a short time)
solitary, solitary confinement
confinement of a prisoner in isolation from other prisoners
something that restricts freedom as a cage restricts movement
imprisonment (especially for a long time)
life imprisonment
a sentence of imprisonment until death
confinement during wartime
Type of:
subjection, subjugation
forced submission to control by others

n the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary)

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restriction imposed by the government on documents or weapons that are available only to certain authorized people
specification, stipulation
a restriction that is insisted upon as a condition for an agreement
the act of circumscribing
the act of constraining; the threat or use of force to control the thoughts or behavior of others
swaddling clothes
restrictions placed on the immature
Type of:
the act of controlling by restraining someone or something

n the act of restraining a person's liberty by confining them

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imprisonment, internment
the act of confining someone in a prison (or as if in a prison)
house arrest
confinement to your own home
commitment, committal, consignment
the official act of consigning a person to confinement (as in a prison or mental hospital)
the act of confining prisoners to their cells (usually to regain control during a riot)
false imprisonment
(law) confinement without legal authority
holding by the police
Type of:
the act of controlling by restraining someone or something

n concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of contractions to the birth of a child

childbed, labor, labour, lying-in, parturiency, travail
premature labor, premature labour
labor beginning prior to the 37th week of gestation
Type of:
birth, birthing, giving birth, parturition
the process of giving birth

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