If you coin a phrase, that means you come up with a new way to say something, like the person who coined "webizens" to describe people who constantly use the Internet.

The verb coin literally refers to making coins, the change you probably have in your pocket. The word can be used in a broader sense — creating something new, usually something related to language. For example, you could coin a phrase or a new word for “joke.” The language authorities would be proud — unlike federal authorities if you tried to coin money. That kind of coining is a criminal offense.

Definitions of coin
  1. noun
    a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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    coins of small denomination regarded collectively
    an old Scottish coin of little value
    bezant, bezzant, byzant, solidus
    a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire; widely circulated in Europe in the Middle Ages
    any of various former European coins of different denominations
    formerly a gold coin of various European countries
    an old small silver Spanish coin
    piece of eight
    an old silver Spanish coin; worth 8 reales
    an English coin worth one twentieth of a pound
    an English coin worth 5 shillings
    half crown
    an English coin worth half a crown
    a United States coin worth one tenth of a dollar
    a United States coin worth one twentieth of a dollar
    a United States or Canadian coin worth one fourth of a dollar
    fifty-cent piece, half dollar
    a United States coin worth half of a dollar
    ha'penny, halfpenny
    an English coin worth half a penny
    cent, centime, penny
    a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit
    a counterfeit coin
    a decimal coin worth ten pennies
    tuppence, twopence
    a former United Kingdom silver coin; United Kingdom bronze decimal coin worth two pennies
    former cupronickel coin of the United Kingdom equal to three pennies
    fourpence, groat
    a former English silver coin worth four pennies
    a coin worth five cents
    sixpence, tanner
    a small coin of the United Kingdom worth six pennies; not minted since 1970
    a coin worth eight pennies
    a coin worth nine pennies
    a United States coin worth one dollar
    double eagle
    a former gold coin in the United States worth 20 dollars
    a former gold coin in the United States worth 10 dollars
    half eagle
    a former gold coin in United States worth 5 dollars
    a former British gold coin worth 21 shillings
    a former British bronze coin worth a quarter of a penny
    a former Spanish gold coin
    louis d'or
    a former French gold coin
    any of various large ancient Greek coins
    any of the various silver or gold coins of ancient Greece
    a former French coin of low denomination; often used of any small amount of money
    Maundy money
    specially minted silver coins that are distributed by the British sovereign on Maundy Thursday
    a copper penny
    new penny
    a coin used in Great Britain since 1971 worth one hundredth of a pound
    Susan B Anthony dollar
    a United States coin worth one dollar
    cartwheel, silver dollar
    a dollar made of silver
    type of:
    coinage, metal money, mintage, specie
    coins collectively
  2. verb
    form by stamping, punching, or printing
    “strike coins
    synonyms: mint, strike
  3. verb
    make up
    coin phrases or words”
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    coin new slogans
    type of:
    create verbally
    create with or from words
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