When you have cognizance, you have knowledge of something. Your cognizance of the English language is growing with every new vocabulary word you learn. Just don't flaunt your cognizance too much, or your friends might call you a know-it-all.

Cognizance can be used to refer to more than just school-based learning (like vocabulary words). It can also mean that you have awareness or notice certain things. Your cognizance of where the exits are located in the movie theater could save your life in a fire. The noun cognizance can also refer to your state of consciousness: "You passed out from the smoke, but when you woke up you had the cognizance to know who you were and where you were."

Definitions of cognizance
  1. noun
    the state of having knowledge of
    synonyms: awareness, cognisance, consciousness, knowingness
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    a lack of knowledge or recognition
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    awareness of your own individuality
    an intuitive awareness
    a general conscious awareness
    bearing, orientation
    a person's awareness of self with regard to position and time and place and personal relationships
    self-awareness plus the additional realization that others are similarly aware of you
    sense of direction
    an awareness of your orientation in space
    sense of responsibility
    an awareness of your obligations
    type of:
    a clear and certain mental apprehension
  2. noun
    range of what one can know or understand
    synonyms: ken
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    type of:
    a clear and certain mental apprehension
  3. noun
    range or scope of what is perceived
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    type of:
    knowledge gained by perceiving
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