The word claw is all about grabbing. It could be a lobster claw or even an ambitious worker clawing his way up the corporate ladder.

As a noun, a claw is the pointy finger-like grabbers that birds, insects, and some lizards and mammals have. Machines can have claws too, and maybe you’ve seen the game at an arcade where you make a metal claw pick up a toy. Claw can be a verb as well, meaning to grab, scratch, or pull in a painful and jolting way. Should someone bury you up to your neck in a hole, you’ll have to claw your way out. And you can accidentally claw your date if you grab her arm during a scary movie.

Definitions of claw
  1. noun
    sharp curved horny process on the toe of a bird or some mammals or reptiles
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    bear claw
    claw of a bear; often used in jewelry
    a sharp hooked claw especially on a bird of prey
    type of:
    horny structure, unguis
    any rigid body structure composed primarily of keratin
  2. noun
    a bird's foot
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    type of:
    bird's foot
    the foot of a bird
  3. noun
    a grasping structure on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods
    synonyms: chela, nipper, pincer
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    type of:
    appendage, extremity, member
    an external body part that projects from the body
  4. noun
    a mechanical device that is curved or bent to suspend or hold or pull something
    synonyms: hook
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    anchor, ground tackle
    a mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving
    an S-shaped hook to suspend a pot over a fire
    one of a series of hooks used to hold cloth on a tenter
    grapnel, grapnel anchor
    a light anchor for small boats
    mooring anchor
    an anchor used to hold a mooring buoy or a channel marker in place
    mushroom anchor
    an anchor used for semipermanent moorings; has a bowl-shaped head that will dig in however it falls
    sheet anchor, waist anchor
    spare anchor for use in emergency
    an adjustable pothook set in a fireplace
    type of:
    mechanical device
    mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles
  5. verb
    scratch, scrape, pull, or dig with claws or nails
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    claw with the nails
    type of:
    scrape, scratch, scratch up
    cut the surface of; wear away the surface of
  6. verb
    attack as if with claws
    “The politician clawed his rival”
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    type of:
    assail, assault, attack, lash out, round, snipe
    attack in speech or writing
  7. verb
    move as if by clawing, seizing, or digging
    “They clawed their way to the top of the mountain”
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    type of:
    make, work
    proceed along a path
  8. verb
    clutch as if in panic
    “She clawed the doorknob”
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    type of:
    clutch, prehend, seize
    take hold of; grab
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