Other forms: charcuteries

Charcuterie is a culinary term for prepared meats like bacon, sausage, salami, and prosciutto. It's also a term for a shop that specializes in them.

If you've ever prepared or snacked on a charcuterie board, you probably picture a spread of meats, cheeses, fruit, olives, crackers, and other tasty items. These are often served before a meal or as party hors d'oeuvres. Technically, the word charcuterie refers just to the meat; in French, the word literally means "pork-butcher's shop," from char cuite, "cooked flesh."

Definitions of charcuterie
  1. noun
    a delicatessen that specializes in meats
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    type of:
    deli, delicatessen, food shop
    a shop selling ready-to-eat food products
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