Other forms: caretakers

When you work as a caretaker, you look after a house or a piece of property. The caretaker of a grand old estate might live in a small cottage on its grounds.

A caretaker might make small repairs to a house, weed a property's flower gardens, or mow the lawn. Some caretakers live in the house they care for, often during an off season when its main inhabitants don't stay there. You can also use the word to mean "caregiver," a person who takes care of someone who's elderly or ill, or to refer to someone who looks after animals.

Definitions of caretaker
  1. noun
    a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person)
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    a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel; lives on the premises and oversees people entering and leaving and handles mail and acts as janitor or porter
    sacristan, sexton
    an officer of the church who is in charge of sacred objects
    super, superintendent
    a caretaker for an apartment house; represents the owner as janitor and rent collector
    a church officer who takes care of the interior of the building and acts as an attendant (carries the verge) during ceremonies
    type of:
    custodian, keeper, steward
    one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
  2. noun
    an official who performs the duties of an office temporarily
    “he acted as a caretaker until a new president could be elected”
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    type of:
    functionary, official
    a worker who holds or is invested with an office




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